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Creative for Action

We are more than just web design. We build great looking designs that drive your customers to action.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

If you are interested in a web design or branding and you're not sure where to start or maybe you're just not ready to speak with anyone, that's okay. Our brand assessment can help you figure out what it is that you need and where to begin. With this assessment you can get on track with starting to build your brand, website and social media presence so you can stand out among your competition.

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Indianapolis Web Design

Local Website Design

Often our clients come from outside Indianapolis and even Indiana. We love working with clients from all over but feel especially strongly about our neighbors here at home. This is our community and we love being a part of it. We are born and raised Hoosiers and we love helping and supporting fellow businesses in our own backyards.

The Outcome

Get the Results You Need

By appealing to your target demographic you can generate leads, schedule consultations, or make sales. With a good looking design you can get their attention and with well thought out content you can keep them interested. Think Avid can help you establish a strong web presence and avoid the struggles of any creative project.

What It Takes

The Necessary Skills

Design or content? What's more important? The truth is both. With a strong web design you can draw your customers in and build interest, but with strategically placed content you can drive them to action. With Think Avid you get both.

The Design

A well thought out design focused on creating interest with your specific target demographic is half the battle. Good design and a strong visual hierarchy are both great ways to increase trust and action with your target audience.

The Content

Through our content discovery sessions and research into both you and your specialty we create content that gets results. We custom tailor every bit of content to match with your ideal client and customer.

Our Process

Start With a Plan

Discover, plan, design and deliver. Every website design goes through our process. This means we start by learning about you and your company, then continue to planning. In the planning stage we layout all the details and put together the bones. Next, we design. This phase consists of a prototype for every page which is then built and delivered.

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What We Offer

Have The Right Tools

Having a powerful brand, website, and regular contact with prospective clients can help you consistently bring in more business. With what we have to offer we can help you strategically place your business in that perfect position.

Web Development

We create every website to be the powerhouse you need. We structure content to better appeal to your target demographic and increase results. We build every website with the ability to track traffic, and drive sales all while showing the personality of your business.

Brand Development

We build brands that drive action. Branding is how a company displays its personality. It's generally the first impression for any potential client. Creating a strong brand that gives a consistent experience will resonate with customers and give a lasting impression.

Creative Services

Our creative services offers a wide array of options for our clients ranging from print design, package design and production art. With our experience and knowledge we can make sure the product reflects the needs of your company and is created to appeal to your target audience.

Email Marketing

Through email marketing we can touch base with prospective clients without overwhelming them by providing a reminder that we are here if they need us. Keeping consistent contact without being pushy is a great way to make sure you are the first thing on their mind when the need arises.

What You Get

The Real Value

It's always more than just services, it's what you get out of them. We do so much more than what we can list. Take a peek and see what you can get by working with us.

Increase Web Visitors
Higher Lead Generation
Improve Customer Relationships
Stronger Social Media Following
Increase Brand Visibility
Increase Customer Credibility
Better Brand Recognition
Improve Clarity of Message
Boost Sales and Revenue
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Looking for an Indianapolis web design company? Let us help you move forward with increasing the overall appeal of your brand and get the results you are looking for. It all starts with a conversation.

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